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The head of the winery, Attila Krimin introduces himself

My studies:

Corvinus University of Budapest 2004-2006
Faculty of Food Science

Viticultural engineer

Gödöllő University of Agricultural Sciences 1993-1998
Faculty of Gyöngyös College
Agricultural engineering major
Forestry specialization

Tokaj Ferenc High School and Vocational High School, Tokaj 1989-1993
Department of Biology

As a native of Tokaj, my encounter with wine was inevitable, since a few decades ago every family in the city and in the wine region cultivated a patch of grapes, or at least everyone had a relative or two who were engaged in grape growing and wine making. The life of the people of Hegyalja is fundamentally determined by this wonderful relationship with nature, which develops imperceptibly in childhood and accompanies us throughout our lives. This has been the case for centuries and I hope it will remain so until the end of time.

Here, my maternal grandparents cultivated an 800-square-meter traditional vineyard. Of course, they also made wine from it, which was consumed by family and friends on the occasion of famous holidays and gatherings, but meeting an old acquaintance was also a good opportunity to toast with a glass each. Nevertheless, as a student, I turned to forestry and wildlife management, thinking that my path would lead deep into the Zemplén forests. I started working with winemaking "professionally" during a year spent as an intern at one of the famous wineries in Tokaj.

I was immediately enchanted by the world of the cellars, the neatness of the plantations, the time of harvest full of expectations, trying, yet with a great atmosphere, and the experience of tasting great wines. That's how simple work turned into love, and that's how I really returned to my roots. After that, I worked as a wine group leader at a well-known Tarcal winery, where I participated in all phases of the practical work. Here it became irrevocably clear to me that I want to work with wine for the rest of my life. During this five-year period, I completed the viticulture and oenology engineering training at Corvinus University, where I was enriched with theoretical knowledge that well supports my daily tasks.

Since 2007, I have been managing the work and making the wines at the Tolcsva estate of Pannon Tokaj Kft.

Wine has been part of our human culture since ancient times. Wine preserves tradition, preserves, nourishes, educates, heals, makes and nurtures friendships. He gives pleasure, amuses, pleases, caresses, makes you think, asks, and often he himself is the answer.

It just makes you a better person. 

Yours faithfully:

Attila Krimin